How do I create a shortcut to the uninstaller in the program group?

Warning!Microsoft Windows Installer in its guidelines doesn't advise adding a shortcut to the uninstaller.

Files and FoldersGo to the Files and Folders page by selecting it in the left-side panel. Select the “Application Shortcut Folder” in the left side tree by clicking on it.

ShortcutClick the triangle next to the [ New Shortcut ] toolbar button and choose “Uninstall...” or click the “New Shortcut To > Uninstall...” list context menu item. Click [ OK ] in the Shortcut Properties View.

The Uninstall shortcut will be created in the “Application Shortcut Folder”. You can move it to a different folder by drag and drop.

Properties You can customize the newly created shortcut from its “Properties...” context menu item.

The Uninstall shortcut is actually a shortcut to the external msiexec.exe file in the Windows System folder and giving the current Product Code as argument.