Advanced Settings - Target Platform Tab

In this tab, you can specify the target platform for the CAB package.

Advanced Platform Settings Dialog Target Platform Tab

ImportantThe platform settings on this tab are supported only for Windows Mobile 2003 and later devices and, if used, will cause the installation to fail on older devices. These settings can be used alone or in combination with the settings from the Operating System tab, in order to target a post-Windows Mobile 2003 device more accurately.

Restrict installation to the following platform

Select this option in order to restrict the installation of the CAB package to a specific platform. If this option is left unchecked, all the other settings from this tab are not available.

Warning!As mentioned above, this option should be used only when targeting Windows Mobile 2003 and later devices, as it will cause the installation to fail on older devices.


Platform Name

Specify the name of the platform you intend to target with the CAB package.

Min. Platform Version

The minimum platform version required by your application. You can leave this field empty if your application is not restricted to a specific version of the specified platform.

Max. Platform Version

The maximum platform version supported by your application. If the “Min. Platform Version” field is empty, this field can also be left empty. Otherwise, you must specify a platform version that is greater than or equal to the specified minimum platform version.

Platform names and versions reference

Device NamePlatform NamePlatform Version
Pocket PC 2003PocketPC3.0
SmartPhone 2003Smartphone3.0
Pocket PC 2003 Second EditionPocketPC3.1
SmartPhone 2003 Second EditionSmartphone3.1
Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCPocketPC4.0
Windows Mobile 5 SmartPhoneSmartphone4.0
Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC (Classic and Professional)PocketPC5.2
Windows Mobile 6 SmartPhone (Standard)Smartphone5.2