Updates Configuration Projects

This type of project allows you to create an Updates Configuration File used by the Updater tool. You start an Updates Configuration project by selecting “Updates Configuration” in the Start Page.

Updates Configuration Project

The file resulted after building this project should be placed on a server so it will be used to inform the Updater application when a new update is available.

ImportantThe Updates Configuration file on the server will be downloaded and used by the Updater only if it's newer than the one cached on the target machine. If the Updates Configuration file is moved from its original location on the server and the server does not send HTTP 404 error codes, the Updater may download a "Page not found" message. If you simply restore the file, it will be ignored because it's older than the error message. The solution is to modify (touch) the Updates Configuration file. This way it will be newer than the error message downloaded on the target machine and it will take precedence for the Updater.