Windows Mobile CAB Projects

This type of project allows you to create CABinet packages that can be used to install applications on Windows Mobile/CE platforms. Advanced Installer creates the CAB from scratch without any other tool being involved in the package authoring process.

There are several delivery options for deploying the CAB packages obtained by building this project type into Smart Devices:

  • Desktop ActiveSync Installation or registering the application with the "Windows CE Application Manager" (a component of the Microsoft ActiveSync services). This is the most common delivery mechanism.
  • The user downloads the CAB package from a Web Site using a browser such as Internet Explorer Mobile - the CAB file is automatically launched after the download completes.
  • The CAB file is copied onto a storage card (MMC, SD, Compact Flash etc) and launched from there.


  • Product Details
    General information about the Windows Mobile/CE application installed by the CABinet package.
  • Digital Signature
    With Advanced Installer, you can digitally sign your install packages for your Windows Mobile CAB files.
  • Files and Folders
    In Windows Mobile CAB projects you can add files, folders and shortcuts to the installation on this page and set their properties.
  • Registry
    In Windows Mobile CAB projects you can add registry keys and values to the installation on this page, and set their properties.
  • File Associations
    Defining File Associations from Windows Mobile CAB projects in Advanced Installer.
  • Configurations
    Specify settings for project output.