File Associations Page - Windows Mobile CAB Projects

You can associate a file extension with an application from your package so the selected program can open the files with the specified extension. You can create file associations in this page.

The left-side pane contains a tree control with all the extensions defined in the project. The right-side pane displays the properties of the selected extension from the tree control.

Creating new extensions

New Extension Use the [ New Extension ] toolbar button, the “New Extension” tree context menu item or press the Insert key while the “Extensions” panel is focused.

Renaming extensions

Use the “Rename” tree context menu item or press the F2 key while an element is selected.


You can specify the configurations in which an extension is included using the “Configurations...” tree context menu item. This will open the Configurations dialog.

Removing extensions

Remove Use the [ Delete ] toolbar button, the “Delete” tree context menu item or press the Delete key while an element from the “Extensions” panel is selected.