Visual Studio Extension Project

Advanced Installer's Visual Studio Extension Projects allow you to build Visual Studio 2017 extensions in VSIX v3 format packages.

By using the VSIX format you can package the following:

  • templates
  • item templates
  • Visual Studio Integration Packages
  • Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) components
  • Toolbox controls
  • assemblies
  • custom types (this includes custom Start Pages)

The VSIX format uses file-based deployment and does not support writing to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) or to the system registry.


  • Product Details
    General information about the Visual Studio 2017 extension installed by the VSIX format package.
  • Digital Signature
    VSIX digital signature
  • Install Targets
    Supported Visual Studio 2017 products.
  • Prerequisites
    Specify dependencies and prerequisites for the extension.
  • Files and Folders
    Add files, folders and shortcuts to the installation and set their properties in Windows Store and VSIX projects.
  • Build
    Specify project output.
  • Appearance
    Specify VSIX UI elements.