Target Platforms Tab

Processor Type


You have the possibility to specify whether the CAB package should be processor independent (for instance, if your application consists of a set of HTML files) or it should be processor specific. In the latter case, the CAB package will fail to install on devices that have a different processor than the one you specified in the combobox.

Use the default option ("All / CEF") if the CAB package should not be restricted to a single processor type. CEF stands for Compiled Executable Format and CEF binaries have been supported only on the Pocket PC 2000 devices.

TipAlmost all current devices have a StrongARM processor.

Target Platforms & Device Types

application can be installed on any platform and device type

Select this option if you do not want to restrict the installation of the CAB package to a specific platform or device type.

application can be installed only on the following device types

Select the device types supported by your application. At least one supported device type must be selected. If the target device type is not supported as per your selection, the user will be either warned or the installation will fail altogether (the exact behaviour is device specific).

Screen orientation options

Specify whether your application supports square screens, screen rotation or both. These settings are not available when the third radio button is selected, since they can be specified in the Operating System tab of the Advanced Platform Settings dialog.

TipThese settings can be used to prevent a common installation warning that appears on Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and later devices.

Advanced platform/device type specification

Select this option in order to manually specify the core Windows CE OS parameters and/or target platform for the CAB package. This will open the Advanced Platform Settings dialog where you will be able to configure the target device OS and platform settings according to your needs.

NoteIf one of the previous 2 radio buttons was selected, the Advanced Platform Settings dialog is populated with the resultant device type settings when selecting this option. If the [ Cancel ] button is clicked in the "Advanced Platform Settings" dialog, your previous selections are restored.


Click this control in order to bring up the Advanced Platform Settings dialog when the third radio button is selected.

NoteThe settings that are ultimately written in the CAB file are those that can be specified through the Advanced Platform Settings dialog. However, when one of the first 2 radio buttons is selected, those settings are automatically computed by Advanced Installer at build time.