Merge Module Project

Advanced Installer's Merge Module projects allow you to create Windows Installer Merge Modules. You start a Merge Module project by selecting “Merge Module” in the Start Page.

Merge modules are simplified MSI packages that contain Windows Installer components and setup logic to be included into any number of MSI packages. A merge module cannot be installed alone because its lacks some vital database tables that are present in an installation database. Merge modules also contain additional tables that are unique to themselves. To install the information delivered by a merge module with an application, the module must first be merged into the application's .msi file. You can merge an MSI package with as many modules as you want.

ImportantMerge modules are integrated in the installers at build time. Please keep in mind when authoring merge modules that they do not function as separate parts, only as integrated into MSI packages.

Caution!Every property, file, parameter or resource from an MSM can be accessed from the main Project only by using its NAME.GUID. The Merge Module's GUID can be found out from the Merge Module Project's "Merge Module Details Page" or by using Microsoft Orca.


  • Merge Module Details
    General information about the merge module.
  • Digital Signature
    Digitally sign your install packages for your Windows Installer Merge Modules project.
  • Files and Folders
    On this page you can add files, folders and shortcuts to the installation and set their properties on the Merge Module Project.
  • Merge Module Organization
    In this page you can organize your merge module.
  • Build
    On this page you can specify the build properties of your merge module.
  • Configurable Merge Modules
    How to create a configurable merge module.
  • COM
    Register COMs, Interfaces, Type Libraries, DCOMs, COM+ for the Merge Module Project.
  • Search
    The Search Page allows you to set up searches for files, folders, registry values, components and INI file keys on the Merge Module Project.