Prerequisite Repository

After creating a new prerequisite you have the possibility to save that prerequisite so that you can use it in another project. The prerequisite is saved in the Prerequisites Repository. The path of this folder on Windows XP is:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Caphyon\Advanced Installer\Repository\Prerequisites

and on Windows Vista or above it is:

C:\ProgramData\Caphyon\Advanced Installer\Repository\Prerequisites

NoteYou can change the prerequisite repository default location from the Repository Manager.

There are several operations that involve the Prerequisites Repository:

  • Export a prerequisite from the project to the repository.
  • Import a prerequisite from the repository to the project.
  • Remove a prerequisite from the repository.

Export Prerequisite

When a prerequisite from the project is exported, in the Repository directory a new folder is created (its name is computed starting from the display name of the prerequisite) that has the same name as the "Display Name" field value. This new folder will contain an AIP file that contains the prerequisite details and all the files referenced by that prerequisite (if any).

NoteIn order to export a prerequisite in the repository it must be included in all builds. This is because builds are project dependent and something related to a specific project like a prerequisite can't be saved in the repository.

Import Prerequisite

When importing a prerequisite from the repository to the project it will be added last in the prerequisites list.

Remove Prerequisite

You can remove any prerequisite from the repository either by manually deleting its corresponding folder in the repository directory or from the Repository Manager.

TipPlease note that you can use the prerequisites repository only in an Enterprise or Architect project.