SQL Databases

Advanced Installer's SQL Databases functionality allows you to configure SQL batch files or SSRS deployments that will be executed during installation. You might use this feature if the application you are installing depends on certain database content and configuration or if the installation needs to upload reports, datasets or data sources to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. This eliminates the need to require end users to configure databases manually.

When using the SQL Scripts functionality and you require to prompt the user for ODBC connection parameters (for an ODBC driver), you might want to test if the connection works before proceeding. This will prevent an installation rollback due to incorrect connection parameters when executing the SQL scripts. Please see Test SQL Connection article for details.

You can choose to let the installing user to pick an SQL Server to connect to, from the available Microsoft SQL Servers on the network. Advanced Installer can automatically browse the network to discover any SQL Server (instances) online. Also, you have the possibility of allow the user to select a database from a list of available databases he is allowed to connect to. Please see Browse for SQL Servers and Show Databases from an SQL Server articles for details.