Working with Synchronized Folders

The Synchronized Folders functionality from Advanced Installer allows you to create a synchronization link between a folder located on you hard-drive and one created in your project. This means that every time a project is open, built or you press the [ Refresh ] button in the Files and Folders page, the content of that folder is synchronized to the content of the source folder on disk.

Any modification made to the source folder on the disk will also be made to the synchronized folder in your project. For example, if you add some files in the source folder on the disk they will be added automatically to the synchronized folder in your project.

TipYou can also add non-synchronized content to a synchronized folder, as it will be ignored on the refresh operation because its source differs with the one from the synchronized folder.

To set a folder as synchronized, use the Folder Properties Tab.

Warning!Synchronized folders shouldn't be used in patches because they might generate new components when their content is re-added to the project.