Pin Program to Windows Start Menu

Microsoft strongly recommends against automatically showing tiles in the Start Menu from Windows as part of the installation. It should always be the user's choice. For this specific reason creating tiles for your application doesn't automatically make them visible in the Start Menu. Advanced Installer enforces asking the installing user for confirmation through the PINTOSTART property.

After enabling Show on Start option for your application in the Tiles Page, you also need to set the PINTOSTART property to IDYES as follows:

The behavior will be:

PINTOSTART  not setAll tiles defined in the Tiles Page will be visible only when users manually pin an application (EXE) or application's shortcut to the Start Menu (context menu -> Pin to Start), after the installation.
PINTOSTART = IDYESSame as above + tiles with "Show in Start" option enabled will be immediately visible after installation.

Video tutorial