Create a Repackager Docker Image

This wizard allows you to create a docker image for the Repackager.

Create a Repackager Docker Image

ImportantIn order to repackage in Docker containers, you have to create a Docker image designed for the repackaging process, starting from an existing image. This wizard will allow you to achieve this.

Select an existing Docker image

The first step of the wizard is to select a base image:

Local Images Tab

This list contains all the local Docker images.

External Images Tab

This list contains recommended external images.

Building the Repackager Docker image

Staring from the selected base image, the Repackager creates a new, specially designed for repackaging image. This new image has the "rpk" tag.

NoteAll the Repackager Docker images will be displayed under "Start in Docker" button from Advanced Repackager toolbar and one can be selected for running the repackaging process.