Repackage Installation and Import MSI

Advanced Installer Repackager allows you to create projects based on capturing existing installations. For example you can repackage a legacy EXE setup into an industry standard MSI package. For detailed examples on how to repackage an existing installation package, please see the Repackager Tutorial.

The import operations allow you to create standard Windows Installer-based MSI packages by capturing and reproducing the behaviour of the original installers or installer projects.

Warning!Please note that the import features in Advanced Installer (Repackager, MSI import, etc.) are intended for obtaining a starting point for your installation package. This package must still be tested and the eventual incorrect or missing parts must be fixed.

The Repackager tool captures only the effects of the installation: the changes made on the system. If the original installation package executes custom code (programs, scripts etc.) then only the effect will be captured (registry entries, files and folders etc.).

After repackaging an installation some adjustments may be necessary in order to obtain a working installation package.

NoteOn 64-bit operating systems, the Repackager tool automatically runs its x64 version, in order to accurately capture 64-bit installations. If you wish to override this default behavior and force the use of the 32-bit Repackager on 64-bit systems, you can use the /ForceX86 command line switch (Repackager.exe).