Convert Legacy Installations

Advanced Installer can be used to create an MSI from one or more EXE packages like this:

  • Repackager EXE(s) into MSI
  • Wrap the EXE(s) into a single MSI

Repackaging an EXE is a lengthy task but it will give you full access over the new project that is generated so you can edit the setup package as if it were created by you, thus being able to add or remove functionality or resources instantly.

Wrapping the EXE(s) into an MSI is a quicker solution. If you plan to deploy this MSI silently, through Active Directory/GPO for example, you should know that the EXE must support command line switches for silent installation. Advanced Installer will ask you to provide these switches once you have selected the EXE.

The wrapper can also be used to create a bundle installer for your applications. For example, if you have 3 different applications and wish for all of them to appear separately in the list of installed programs from Control Panel, but have the user download and install a single setup package.

Below you can find tutorials on both repackaging and MSI wrappers.