How to specify different JRE settings for the PC and MAC builds?

The Java product that needs to have different settings on Windows and Mac will be duplicated using the “Duplicate” context menu option. One of the products will be excluded from the Mac build (from the Mac page of the Java Products view) and the other will be excluded from Windows build (from the Organization page).

Exclude from MAC build

MacSelect the Java product with the PC settings and switch to the "Mac OS X" tab.

Uncheck the “Include the Java Product in the Mac OS build” option.

Exclude from PC build

OrganizationGo to the “Organization” view and move the mac java product's component to its own feature.

Exclude this feature from your release build by unchecking the correspondent option from the “Builds” list.

NoteYou must have at least two PC builds defined in the Builds view in order to be able to exclude the feature from a build.

TipIf you want both java products to have the same name and be installed in the same folder you should perform the following actions:

  • In the Files and Folders view, create a sub-folder under the java product location and move the PC java product in it. This will allow you to give the same name to both java products.
  • In order to install the PC product to the same location as it was before, mark the newly created folder to be redirected to its parent folder ("Install folder content into the parent folder" option from Folder Properties dialog).