Backup and restore files major upgrade

How To Backup and Restore Files during a Major Upgrade using Custom Actions

Msix shared containers

MSIX Shared Containers: How to access resources between different applications

Webinar software packaging developers

Webinar for ISVs: The most common packaging mistakes that developers make. And how to avoid them.

Msix code signing certificates

MSIX and Code Signing Certificates: What Developers Must Know

Ai v18

Advanced Installer 18.4 Released

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How To Configure Azure Key Vault to Sign your MSIX Packages: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Building Multilingual MSIX Packages

Register dll ocx files

Registering DLL and OCX Files in MSI Packages - 3 Recommended Techniques

Powershell custom actions msi

How To Execute Powershell Custom Actions in MSI using DLL

Ai v18

Advanced Installer 18.3 Released

Msix digital signing

MSIX Digital Signing

Software packaging best practices enterprises

Enterprise Application Packaging Best Practices and Recommendations

How to automate digital signing

Automating the Digital Signing Process of your MSIX Packages with MSIX Tweaker

Replace file msi

How To: Replace a file in an existing installer

Ai v18

Advanced Installer 18.2 Released

Self healing file extensions

How to Use The File Extensions Entry Point to Trigger Self-healing in an MSI

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MSIX Troubleshooter: A Free Tool for Debugging MSIX Installations

Handle appdata custom actions

How to handle AppData in MSI using Custom Actions

App compatibility issues

App Compatibility Issues in MSIX Containers. And how to fix them - Webinar Summary

Ai v18

Advanced Installer 18.1 Released