EXE External User Interface

As the name implies, the EXE External UI functionality is automatically activated along with the EXE package type from the Builds page > Configuration tab. This option was called “Enhanced User Interface“ in older versions of Advanced Installer.

You can optionally enable this functionality on Uninstall and Maintenance from the Themes > Settings page.

The EXE External UI and MSI Embedded UI options give you access to the same Enhanced UI controls.


ImportantThis option is available starting with the Professional edition and project type.

The EXE External UI option requires you generate an EXE setup package as output.


The EXE External UI option allows you to use all the Enhanced UI controls that are not available on a standard MSI dialog.


When also displaying the EXE External UI during Uninstall or Modify from Control Panel, the “Override Windows Installer programs list entry” option must be enabled in Product Details Tab.