Build Page - Optional Package Project

Set output details and OS compatibility for Optional packages.



The Optional package build path. Click on the [ ... ] button to change the folder where the package is created. By default, this shares the same folder with the project file.


Specify the Optional package file name. By default, the project name is used.



Select the target architectures for the package:

  • neutral
  • x86
  • x64
  • arm
  • arm64
  • Create individual packages for each architecture - select to create a different Optional package for each architecture selected.
  • Create a bundle with individual packages inside - select to create an Optional package bundle that can target multiple architectures.

Packaging Distribution

There are two possibilities to distribute the optional package: either you sideload it, or as an Unsigned Development Package.

Target Platforms

Select the target platforms for the current build.

  • Desktop: supported versions 1809 onward.
  • Universal: supported versions 1809 onward.
  • Mobile: supported versions 1809 onward.
  • Holographic: supported versions 1809 onward.
  • Team: supported versions 1809 onward.