Add/Remove Page

This page allows you to specify information about a Windows Installer patch that is required to remove the patch and that is used by Programs and Features. This information is relevant only if you are installing on a computer using Windows Installer 3.0 or above.



The patch's title. This value is the name of the patch displayed in Programs and Features.

Info URL

A URL that provides information specific to this patch. This value represents the support link for the patch and is displayed in Programs and Features.

Patch Information

Target Product Name

Name of the application or applications group targeted by the patch.


The patch's description.


Select what type of upgrade is you patch. You have the following options:

  • Hotfix
  • Security Roll-up
  • Critical Update
  • Update
  • Service Pack
  • Update Roll-up.

Allow Patch Removal

Specify whether or not the patch is an Uninstallable Patch.

NoteAll of these values are required, therefore you cannot leave any fields empty.