Deploying updates of your application

The Advanced Updater helps you to easily configure updates deployment for your application, in just minutes, without having to write a line of code. It includes a full solution for updates checks, downloading and installing.

Basically, what the updater does, is to perform a check on the end-user's machine, usually a registry or file version check, to see if the application installed is up to date. It then verifies the information retrieved against the version number from your servers. If a new version is available you can inform the user and ask for his action. The updater diagram article explains in more details how it works.

You can have the updater launched from a simple shortcut, using a scheduled task or even from your own application (here you need to do a little coding). This way you can fully control and customize the UX during the updates checks and installations, i.e. you can go from installing completely silent updates with the user never noticing(like Google Ghrome does) or you can choose to perform full UI updates installations.

Below you have a set of tutorials that show how to configure the updater and generate the required resources for it to run from Advanced Installer.