Notifications Page

Custom notifications can be displayed by our updater. Notification availability is checked when the Updater is called with /checknow or /silent parameters.

ImportantNotifications are displayed even when no updates are available.

NoteOn Windows 10 the notifications are displayed as a toast notification. On Windows 7 and Windows 8 notifications are displayed using a custom window positioned in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Caution!An AppID must be specified in Updater Page. On some Windows 10 versions the notifications will not be displayed if no AppId is specified.

In this page you can specify the settings for these update notifications:

Updates notifications


The title of the update notification.


The message of the update notification.

Expiration Date

Setting for the expiration date. The notification expires the day after the date specified.

Image URL:

NoteThis feature is only available on Windows 10.

In this field, an image URL can be specified. This image will be displayed in the notification.


In this field, a link can be specified.

Link Button text

The link button text