Add Launch Conditions Commands

Command Syntax

/AddOsLc -buildname <buildName> -arch<x86/x64> [-os_list <supported_os>]

This command will add the provided operating system to the supported list.


  • -buildname <buildName>
  • The build name that is set in the Builds page.
  • -arch <x86/x64>
  • The supported operating systems architecture.
  • [-os_list <supported_os>]
  • The individual supported operating systems. This parameter is optional. If the -list_os parameter is missing, the whole arhitecture (x86 or x64) will be supported.

Example 1: /edit MyProject.aip /AddOsLc -buildname DefaultBuild -arch x86

When the above command line will be executed the whole list of operating systems under the 32-bit Windows Versions will be supported.

Example 2: /edit MyProject.aip /AddOsLc -buildname DefaultBuild -arch x86 -os_list "Windows 8.1 x86"

When the above command line will be executed it will add the "Windows 8.1 x86" to the supported operating systems.

Example 3:

For multiple values of the -os_list parameter, please use a command line as below: /edit MyProject.aip /AddOsLc -buildname DefaultBuild -arch x86 -os_list "Windows 8.1 x86,Windows 10 x86"

The x86 OS values of the -os_list parameter can be:

Windows XP SP3 x86
Windows Server 2003 SP2 x86
Windows Vista x86
Windows Vista RTM x86
Windows Vista SP1 x86
Windows Vista SP2 x86
Windows Server 2008 x86
Windows Server 2008 RTM x86
Windows Server 2008 SP2 x86
Windows 7 x86
Windows 7 RTM x86
Windows 7 SP1 x86
Windows 8 x86
Windows 8.1 x86
Windows 10 x86
Windows 10 version 1507 x86
Windows 10 version 1511 x86
Windows 10 version 1607 x86
Windows 10 version 1703 x86

The x64 OS values of the -os_list parameter can be:

Windows XP SP2 x64
Windows Server 2003 SP2 x64
Windows Vista x64
Windows Vista RTM x64
Windows Vista SP1 x64
Windows Vista SP2 x64
Windows Server 2008 x64
Windows Server 2008 RTM x64
Windows Server 2008 SP2 x64
Windows 7 x64
Windows 7 RTM x64
Windows 7 SP1 x64
Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
Windows Server 2008 R2 RTM x64
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 x64
Windows 8 x64
Windows Server 2012 x64
Windows 8.1 x64
Windows Server 2012 R2 x64
Windows 10 x64
Windows 10 version 1507 x64
Windows 10 version 1511 x64
Windows 10 version 1607 x64
Windows 10 version 1703 x64
Windows Server 2016 x64