AIP Viewer/Editor

AIP viewer.

AIP viewer

You can get a quick glimpse about the content of an .AIP file by using the .AIP viewer. Viewer displays key parts from file content using several sheets similar as organization with the interface of Advanced Installer, free version. In this way, Advanced Installer users will conceive the viewer as a familiar environment.

Edit current AIP file

Viewer provides only limited editing capabilities but you can access the full power of the Advanced Installer using Edit in Advanced Installer button. Advanced Installer will open the .AIP file using as start view the current sheet from Viewer.


  • Launch conditions
    Displays the operating systems and the software that is required in order to install and run the application.
  • UWP
    Enables the option for adding an UWP MSIX build to your Visual Studio project.
  • Files and Folders
    Displays information about the files contained in the installation package.