Conflicts Detector Select MSI package

On this dialog you can select the MSI to be scanned for conflicts along with the MSI repository.

Select MSI to be scanned for conflicts

The specified MSI will be compared to the MSIs present in the repository.

MSIs repository

By default this is the Advanced Installer MSI repository, but it can point to any other folder on your hard drive.

To add new MSIs to the repository use the Add packages to the Advanced Installer repository link button, then select "Add..." from "Content" pane context menu while "MSI" is selected in the "Repositories" pane.

Command Line Switches

  • /Msi <path_to_msi> - correspondent with "Select MSI to be scanned for conflicts" UI option.
  • /MsiRepo <path_to_repo_folder> - correspondent with "MSIs repository" UI option.


ConflictsDetector.exe /Noui /Msi "C:\Work\YourMsi.msi" /MsiRepo "C:\Work\Repository\"