Conflicts Detector Wizard

This wizard detects possible conflicts between the selected MSI and other MSIs from the repository. With this tool you can understand what would happen if you would install the selected MSI on a machine with all the other MSIs already installed.

NoteThe Conflicts Detector Wizard is available only with the Architect license edition.

Detect conflicts by using a script

The Conflicts Detector tool also comes with a command line interface, so you can create scripts to call it silently (with no UI).

To see all the commands available browse to Advanced Installer's bin\x86 folder, open a CMD window in this folder and execute this command:

ConflictsDetector.exe /?

To execute ConflictsDetector.exe silently you first need to pass the /NoUI parameter, then continue with the rest of the parameters. The entire list of parameters is detailed on the help page of the equivalent GUI option, all pages are linked below.