Generate Project Content Report

Command Syntax

/GenerateReport [-buildname <build_name>] -output_path <output_path>

Exports the project content into an HTML, XML or PDF file. The equivalent UI option can be found in the Project Content dialog.


  • [-buildname <build_name>]
  • If there is only one build in the project, this parameter can be omitted and the report will be generated for that build automatically. Otherwise, if there are multiple builds in the project you need to specify this parameter with a correct build name. If there are several builds and this parameter is not specified, an error will be shown.
  • -output_path <output_path>
  • The report file will be generated in this location. Make sure the folder path exists and the file extension is HTML, XML or PDF.

The following example generates a report for the default build in the specified location: /edit D:\MyProject.aip
/GenerateReport -output_path D:\ReportsFolder\DefaultBuildReport.pdf