New Path Variable Option

Command Syntax

/NewPathVariable -name <path_variable_name>
                 -value <path_variable_value>
                 -valuetype <Folder|RegistryValue|EnvironmentVariable>

Creates a new path variable specific for the current project or modifies one previously defined by overwriting its value. These path variables are not global and therefore, can not be shared between projects.


  • -name <path_variable_name>
  • The path variable's identifier name.
  • -value <path_variable_value>
  • The value associated with the path variable.
  • -valuetype <Folder|RegistryValue|EnvironmentVariable>
  • The path variable's type which can point to: a folder, a registry value or an environment variable.
  • -global
  • The path variable to be created is global.

example: /edit MyProject.aip
/NewPathVariable -name EX -value C:\Test
-valuetype Folder