Intune Deployment Tool

The Intune wizard can be accessed by using the intune.exe tool, available in the Architect edition. You can launch it from the Deployment page in Advanced Installer, from the start menu or by simply executing the named file from our installation folder.

ImportantDeploying an Intune application requires you to have a Microsoft Azure account.

ImportantThe Intune Deploy tool requires PowerShell 4.0 or higher.

Supported Setup Types

You can use the Advanced Installer Intune tool to deploy the following setup types:

  • msi
  • msix
  • msixbundle
  • appx
  • appxbundle

Script your deployment

The Intune deployment tool comes with a command-line interface, so you can create scripts that call our tool silently (with no UI) and handle the deployment of one or more packages.

To see all the commands available browse to our bin\x86 folder, open a CMD window in this folder and execute this command:

intune.exe /?

To execute intune.exe silently you need to first pass the parameter /NoUI, then continue with the rest of the parameters.

/NoUI /IntuneUser "TestUser" /IntunePassword "TestPassword" /IntuneSetupPath "C:\work\setup.msi"