Configure Merge Module Dialog

This dialog allows you to configure the merge process.

Configure Merge Module Dialog



You can select the feature that will contain the merge modules' components after the merge process ends. By default, it is the Main Feature (you can use the [ ... ] button to select another one). The Feature Picker Dialog will pop up, allowing you to select a feature to reference.


You can select the parent folder for the merge module's "TARGETDIR" directory. By default, the Application Folder is selected. Use the [ ... ] button. The Folder Picker Dialog will pop up, allowing you to select a folder to reference.

NoteUsually the "TARGETDIR" folder of a merge module is ".". This means that all the files and folders from the merge module's "TARGETDIR" are going to the selected folder.


Configure the merge module's parameters.

Merge modules could contain parameters that are configurable by the end user. The merge module can be configured at the time the installation package and module are merged and installed, at merge time.

NoteThe “Parameters” group is available only for configurable merge modules.