Resources Page Group

The “Resources” pages allow you to specify the structure of the project. In these pages you can add to your project : files, Java products, registry entries, file associations, assemblies, drivers and services.



  • Files and Folders
    On this page you can add files, folders and shortcuts to the installation and set their properties on the Installer Project.
  • Tiles
    How to customize Start screen tiles for desktop apps.
  • Java Products
    How to define Java products in your installation.
  • Registry
    On this page you can add registry keys and values to the installation, and set their properties.
  • File Associations
    Defining File Associations in Advanced Installer.
  • Assemblies
    Setting up Assemblies in Advanced Installer.
  • Drivers
    The drivers page
  • Services
    How to install and control Windows services using Advanced Installer.