Merge Module Organization Page

A merge module is organized into components. Components are collections of resources that are always installed or removed as a unit from a user's system. A resource can be a file, registry key, shortcut, or anything else that may be installed.

In the left pane there is a tree that hierarchically displays the organization of the merge module. On the first level of the hierarchy there is a single pseudo-feature, designated "TargetFeature". The content of this pseudo-feature will be transferred into the feature to which the merge module is added.

Every component has a key resource that can be only a file, a folder, a registry key or value or a data source. The resources are displayed under their component. The key resources are displayed with a key overlaid over the usual image of the resource.

Moving resources between components

Use the drag and drop to move the resources (file, registry or data source etc) between components.

When moving resources between components the following restrictions must be taken into consideration:

  • The files that are target for File Associations or Advertised Shortcuts, are made key members and cannot be moved into a new component.
  • The files of CHI or CNT type cannot be moved. (they automatically follow the component of the corresponding CHM and HLP files)
  • If a resource is the only one from the component that can be key member(e.g. files) and the rest of the resources in the component cannot be key members(e.g. Environments), cannot be moved.

Moving a resource to a new component

Use the "Move To New Component" tree context menu item. The current resource will be moved into a new created component, in the same feature.

Setting a resource as Key Member

Use the "Make Key Member" tree context menu item.

ImportantThe following component attributes can be made configurable at merge time:

  • Attributes
  • Condition

TipFor more information about the resources and attributes that can be configured, please see: Configurable Merge Modules Page.