Files and Folders Page - Merge Module Project

You can specify most of the install operations concerning files, folder or shortcuts in the Files and Folders page.

  • Files
    Adding and removing files to the installation; setting file properties; specifying file removal operations; registering fonts; hashing files.
  • Temporary Files
    Adding and removing temporary files to the installation; setting temporary file properties.
  • File Operations
    Creating and removing file operations; editing their properties.
  • Folders
    Adding and removing folders to the installation; setting folder properties; specifying folder removal operations; synchronizing folders.
  • Shortcuts
    Adding and removing shortcuts in the installation; setting shortcut properties.
  • INI Files
    Adding and removing INI files and entries to the installation.
  • XML Files
    Create or update XML files.
  • Text File Updates
    Create TXT Update files.
  • Windows Libraries
    Create or update Libraries.

The files, folders or shortcuts will be placed in one of the Folders presented in the left pane of the view.

ImportantIn addition to the regular Windows Installer folders, there are two special application folders defined: one for the application files ("Application Folder") and one for the application shortcuts ("Application Shortcut Folder"). The paths of these two folders can be overridden by the user at run-time, therefore they allow the user to change the location where the application is installed. By default they resolve to the paths defined in the Install Parameters page.

The right pane lists all the files from the selected folder of the left panel, and their details. If a file doesn't exist anymore at the specified location, it will be shown with a question mark icon Missing File and “???” as its size. You can restore this file by double-clicking it and setting its correct path.

Setting the Current Feature

Advanced Installer will create components for the added resources as necessary, placing them under the Current Feature. In order to change the current feature you can use the drop-down list box in the toolbar.

TipYou can further manage your package's organization in the Organization page. Note that the components created in this page respect the Windows Installer rules and best practices.

NoteThis feature is not available for Merge Module projects. For more details see the Merge Module Organization page.