Multiple Instances Page

This page allows you to install multiple instances of your product on the target computer. The existence of multiple instances is verified by the EXE setup file. This is why the corresponding option must be checked in the Configuration Tab page.

Multiple instances

Windows Installer permits only one instance of the ProductCode to be installed per machine and one instance to be installed per user. Starting with Windows Installer 3.x or later multiple instances can be installed by applying ProductCode transforms (called instance transforms) to the base MSI package.

Advanced Installer creates a transform for each defined instance with the same name as in the “Instance IDs” pane and streams it into the MSI database. When the package runs the Multiple Instances selection dialog displayed by the EXE allows the user to install new instance or maintain an already installed one.

The instances are uniquely distinguished by a new ProductCode and additionally by the InstanceId property. Other properties can be created in the Instance Properties page. When the first instance is created the InstanceId property, it is added to the project with "#0" as value for the selected build. You can change it in the Install Parameters page.

NoteThe "#0" value is reserved for the base package.

Advanced Installer uses the name of an instance from “Instance IDs” pane as the InstanceId property value for the corresponding instance. The InstanceId property will not be resolved outside the Multiple Instances page.

Creating a new instance

Use the “New Instance” command from the context menu or press the Insert key while the “Instance IDs” panel is selected, in order to create a new instance.

Renaming an instance

Use the “Rename” command from the context menu or press the F2 key while an element is selected, to rename an instance.

Removing an instance

Use the “Delete” command from the context menu, or press the Delete key while an element is selected, to remove an instance.

Specifying the instances' installation order

Use the “Move Up” / “Move Down” context menu item or press the Shift+Up / Shift+Down keys while an instance is selected.

Generate instances at install time

This option enables generating custom name instances at install time for the selected build. It implies loosing all previously created instances.

Build major upgrades for multiple instances

The package is built with major upgrades support. This option has effect only after changing the Product Version.

Caution!You cannot author major upgrades and generate instances at install time. The two options above are not compatible.