Patch Build Tab



The path to the generated patch file. Click on the [ ... ] to specify it. By default it shares the same folder with the project file.

File Name

Specify the resulted patch file's name.

Don't delete PCP file

A PCP file will be created during the patch generation process. It will be deleted after the patch was created. You can select not to remove it, for debugging purpose.


Administrative Installs

The folder where the administrative installs of the created images will be expanded.


A cache folder for faster patch creation. This is optional.

Patch Source List

A list of various sources from where the patch can be obtained after the installation procedure. Use the [ Add.. ] button to add a new source, the [ Edit... ] button to modify it and the [ Remove ] button to delete it. The order of the sources can be modified by using the [ Move Up ] and [ Move Down ] buttons.