How to set a property when a button is pushed

ImportantThe following article uses options that are available starting with the Enterprise edition and project type.

In order to set the value of a certain property, the "Set installer property value" published control event must be used:

  1. Select the button that will launch the control event.
  2. Select the “Published Events” tab in the “Control” pane.
  3. Use the [ New... ] button to create a new published control event. The Edit Control Events Dialog will be displayed.
  4. Configure the control event as follows:
  • Name = Set installer property value. In this field you must also specify the name of the property which value is going to be modified.
  • Argument = The final value of the property. This field is of Formatted Type. Use the [ ... ] to display the Edit Formatted Type Dialog allowing you to insert a reference to a file folder or property.
  • Condition = Leave this field unchanged if you don't want to condition the execution of this control event.