Dedicated build of Advanced Installer setup project within Azure DevOps

This tutorial will guide to create a custom build for an Advanced Installer setup project within Azure DevOps

1. Install the extensions

  • Open Azure DevOps, go to "Pipelines > Builds" and press “+ New” button and select "New Build Pipeline" to create a task.
  • Select your repository (eg. Azure Repos Git)
  • choose a template for your task or click on “Empty job” hyperlink to start from scratch
  • In the Azure DevOps Marketplace search for the Advanced Installer extensions and install them.

NoteThere are two Advanced Installer extensions for Azure DevOps : Advanced Installer Build and Advanced Installer Tool. Here you could find more information regarding our extensions for Azure DevOps

ImportantIf you need to build a stand-alone .AIP project you should use the Advanced Installer Build Extension. This will ensure that a specified version of Advanced Installer is installed on the build environment and an Advanced Installer build is triggered when the task is executed.

2. Add the Build task

From "Tasks" tab add the Advanced Installer Build by clicking on the + sign next to the “Agent Job”

Task package

3. Configure the Advanced Installer Build task

  • In the “Project” field pick your .AIP project
  • Specify what build contained by your Advanced Installer project you want this task to refer. For example “DefaultBuild”
  • Choose the location where the resuleted package should be placed by picking the Output Package Folder under “Advanced Build Settings” category
  • In the Advanced Installer Tool category enter the version of Advanced Installer you want the task to install and run on the build environment and your Advanced Installer license key.

Vsts build

4. Add Publish Build Artifact task

From "Tasks" tab add the Publish Build Artifact task by clicking on the + sign next to the “Agent Job”

This task will provide access to the package created by the build task. Just copy the path from “Path to publish” in the “Output Package Folder” field of the Advanced Installer Build task.

5. Video tutorial