How the Updater works

The following example illustrates the steps of how an application is upgraded from one version to the next when using the Advanced Updater.

The entities which play the most important role in this basic update process are:

 YOUR APP V1 = the target version installation

 UPDATER.EXE = the Advanced Updater tool

 YOUR APP V2 = the upgraded version installation

 UPDATES CONFIG FILE.TXT = the Updates Configuration File


1) YOUR APP V1 is created and the Advanced Updater tool is included by checking the Updater Page > "Check for updates using Advanced Updater" option.

2) YOUR APP V1 is installed on the CLIENT machine.

3) YOUR APP V2 and UPDATES CONFIG FILE.TXT are created and uploaded to the SERVER.

4) The Advanced Updater tool included in YOUR APP V1 receives /silentall command.

 4.1) The Advanced Updater tool tool requests UPDATES CONFIG FILE.TXT from the SERVER.

 4.2) UPDATES CONFIG FILE.TXT is downloaded on the CLIENT machine and interpreted by the Advanced Updater tool.

 4.3) The Advanced Updater tool requests YOUR APP V2 from the SERVER.

 4.4) YOUR APP V2 is downloaded and installed on client machine, replacing YOUR APP V1. On this step, depending on the "Order" setting from the Upgrades Page, YOUR APP V1 will be uninstalled before or after YOUR APP V2 is installed.

Updater Functionality Diagram