Structure of the Updates Configuration File on the Server

In order for the Updater to be able to download the newest versions of your program it has to know about them. The way to do that is by using a configuration file located on your server. The location for this file is designated when the package is build, in the Updates URL field.

ImportantThe first line of the updates configuration file must contain the following signature: “;aiu;”. If this entry doesn't exist the file will not be recognized by the Advanced Installer Updater.

This file can be edited and maintained manually or it can be build using Updates Configuration Project. It should be in the standard Windows INI format and it should be composed of one or more sections. There is a section for each available update and, optionally, a special section for general configuration, named General. The name for a section must be unique; the comparison is done case insensitive. A section name must contain only letters and digits, no special characters.

ImportantThe order of the updates in the updates configuration file is the same with the order of their release. The updates should be placed in descending order, with the newest first.

TipIt is required to place each new update data in a section with a new and different name from the others. This is because the Updater will download the update file in a folder with the same name as the section.

The keys inside each section describe the update. Some of the keys are necessary for the correct functioning of the updater. Other are optional, used to better inform the user about the characteristics of the update.

See Updates Configuration Examples for sample files using these settings.

ImportantSome of these strings can be localized. All you have to do is edit the file using an ANSI code page supported by the language in which the localization is done.

The keys are grouped in several categories:

[General] Section

License Check

  • LicenseIdCheckURL (optional)

In Updates Configuration Project, this key is added from the Advanced page.

Disable Updates

  • UpdatesDisabled (optional)

[Update] Sections

Update Properties

  • Name (required)
  • URL (required)
  • Size (required)
  • UpdatedApplications (optional)
  • ReleaseDate (optional)
  • Flags (optional)
  • Depends (optional)
  • Replaces (optional)

Update Installer

  • SHA256 (optional)
  • MD5 (optional)
  • CommandLine (optional)

Installed Detection

  • FilePath (required)
  • RegistryKey (required)
  • CustomDetection (required)

NoteThe above keys are mutually exclusive.

  • Version (optional)
  • FileSize (optional)

NoteThe above keys are mutually exclusive.

  • CustomDetectionParams (optional)

In Updates Configuration Project, these keys are added from the Update Properties Tab page.

Auto Close Applications

  • AutoCloseApplication (optional)

In Updates Configuration Project, this key is added from the Auto-Close Application Dialog page.

Descriptions (optional)

  • Description (optional)
  • Feature (optional)
  • Enhancement (optional)
  • BugFix (optional)

In Updates Configuration Project, these keys are added from the Descriptions page.

NoteCharacter formatting is supported in all the above fields.