Upgraded Image Properties


The MSI package containing the product's upgraded version. This package will be extracted with an administrative install in an administrative image in order to create the patch.

Patch Package

The optional patch package points to a modified copy of the upgraded installation database that contains additional authoring specific to the patch installation process. For example, additional dialogs or custom actions conditioned on the PATCH property.

Ignore Package Files

A comma (,) separated list of files to be ignored when creating the patch. Basically the upgraded-target diff process will ignore these files. Use the [ ... ] button on the right to select files from the upgraded package.

NoteA value of the form "<prefix>*" matches all files that begin with that prefix. No text can follow the asterisk.

Symbol Folders

Windows Installer can use PDB symbol files generated for PE code files (EXE, DLL, etc.) to generate more optimal diffs, thus reducing the patch's size.

Use the [ Add... ] button to add a folder, the [ Replace... ] button to replace one or the [ Remove ] button to remove it.