Dialogs Page

In this page you can customize the user interface that will be displayed during the installation process.


In the left-side pane you can see a list with all the dialogs that will be used during your package installation, grouped in the following categories:

  • Pre-install UI
  • First Time Install (for "Simple" or "Professional" project types this category is the only one available)
  • Maintenance
  • Patch
  • Resume
  • Administrative Dialogs
  • Special Dialogs
  • Unused Dialogs (contains user dialogs that are no longer used)

For more information on each category, please follow Predefined Dialogs article.

You can modify the position of a dialog only inside one group by drag and drop. You can add some new dialogs and delete the dialogs you added.

ImportantSome dialogs cannot be deleted or moved from their position because they would disrupt the dialog sequence.

Caution!Dialogs with their name bold define the start of a dialog sequence. A dialog sequence refers to a set of dialogs that are displayed during the same Standard Action. For example: WelcomeDlg, FolderDlg, VerifyReadyDlg are all part of the Wizard Dialogs Stage WelcomeDlg Standard Action. Dialogs triggered by control events have a lightning symbol on their icon.

NoteSome dialogs are mutually exclusive. For example "Setup Type" and "Select Installation Folder" dialogs cannot be selected at the same time. This is because if the "Setup Type" dialog is displayed the user can choose "Custom" and select a destination folder there.