Product Details Page - Visual Studio Extension Project

In this page you can specify the name of the extension, author, version, along with other specific details.

Product Details

Product Name

The complete name of your extension. This field supports localization.


The name of the company who developed the extension.


The version of the extension.


The extension unique identifier. It is nor necessary to modify this value for future versions.


A short description of the extension that will appear in the Extension Manager. This field supports localization.

Support Info

Info URL

Link to a website containing additional information about the extension.

User Guide URL

Link to a file or website that will be opened once the extension install is finished.


Install for all users

Specify if the extension should be installed for all users instead of just the current user.

Install locations:

  • Per user: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\Extensions\Company\Product\Version\
  • Per machine: Visual Studio installation folder\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Company\Product\Version\