Digital Signature Page - Visual Studio Extension Project

This page can be used to digitally sign your Visual Studio Extensions installation packages. In order to digitally sign a package, you will need a valid certificate.

Sign the package

Checking this checkbox will enable the actual signing of the package. The tool used to sign the package is VsixSignTool.exe (download and install the tool using NuGet) and you must specify its installation path from External Tools Options dialog.

The [ Reset All ] button found in the upper right corner of the pane, can be used to clear all fields.

Software Publisher Certificate

This field displays the certificate file used for signing. In order to select a certificate file, press the [ ... ] button, found in the right side of this field. A dialog will appear enabling you to browse and select the desired certificate file.

TipOnly PKCS #12 certificate files are supported. Use your private key and the .SPC file got during the certificate obtaining process to create a pfx file using the pvkimprt.exe tool.

Certificate Password

These options define when and how the password of the Private Key is used during the signing process.

Enter password each time the project is built

If this option is selected, the user will be prompted to insert the Private Key password each time the project is built.

Store encrypted password in project file

If this option is selected, the Private Key password will be stored and encrypted inside the AIP project file. This option is useful when you have to rebuild the project many times, or when building the project in an automatic way from command line.


This field is enabled only if you choose to store the password inside the project file. In this field insert the Private Key password.

Confirm Password:

Rewrite the Private Key password. The password from the Password and Confirm Password fields must match.