Build Page

Set output details and OS compatibility for Windows Store App packages.



The MSIX/AppX package build path. Click on the [ ... ] button to change the folder where the package is created. By default, this shares the same folder with the project file.

File Name

Specify the MSIX/AppX package file name. By default, the project name is used.


Make the MSIX/AppX package compatible with a specific Windows version. This setting will limit the Advanced Installer project UI to the set of options supported by the selected OS.



Select the target architectures for the package:

  • neutral
  • x86
  • x64
  • arm
  • arm64
  • Create individual packages for each architecture - select to create a different APPX/MSIX package for each architecture selected.
  • Create a bundle with individual packages inside - select to create an APPX/MSIX bundle that can target multiple architectures.

Target Platforms

Select the target platforms for the current build.

  • Desktop: supported versions 1507 onward.
  • Universal: supported versions 1507 onward.
  • Mobile: supported versions 1507 onward.
  • Holographic: supported versions 1507 onward.
  • Team: supported versions 1507 onward.