App Compatibility

The “AppCompat” page help you trace the MSIX package, and if needed, create and apply fixups in order to solve any potential application compatibility issues when migrating to MSIX by using our built-in support for the Package Support Framework (PSF).

NoteTo learn more about the Package Support Framework see Microsoft's documentation or GitHub repository.

There are 4 predefined fixups (New File Redirection, New Public Html File, New DLL Path and PowerShell Scripts) which can be added directly from UI. However, there is an option to create new custom fixups, if required (New Custom Fix-up).

You can use the “Trace App” functionality in order to trace the package and identify if any fixups are needed to be applied to the MSIX package. The tracing level can be configured using the Tracing Options dialog.

ImportantPlease be aware that the package is build and deployed to the device when “Trace App” functionality is used.

Caution!AppCompat is not compatible with MSIX packages built for Windows versions earlier than Windows 10. For more details see this page