Add Component Search Command Option

Command Syntax

/AddCompLocator  <property_name>
                 -signature <search_signature>
                 -compid <component_id>
                 [-type {LocatorTypeDirectory|LocatorTypeFileName}]

Creates a new component search.


  • <property_name>
  • The name of the property that will store the search result.
  • -signature <search_signature>
  • The search signature.
  • -compid <component_id>
  • The ID of the component whose key path will be used in the search operation. This should be the GUID of a component that appears in the project. It may be the ID of a component belonging to another product installed on the computer.
  • [-type {LocatorTypeDirectory|LocatorTypeFileName}]
  • A value that determines if the key path of the component is a file name or a directory location.

Example: /edit MyProject.aip
    /AddCompLocator COMP_SEARCH_RESULT -signature comp_search
    -compid {E445FA46-5308-4497-8CED-00C9DADEFD34}