Add Registry Search Command Option

Command Syntax

/AddRegLocator  <property_name>
                -signature <search_signature>
                -root {HKCR|HKCU|HKLM|HKU}
                -key <registry_key>
                [-name <registry_value_name>]
                [-type {LocatorTypeDirectory|LocatorTypeFileName|LocatorTypeRawValue}]

Creates a new registry search.


  • <property_name>
  • The name of the property that will store the result of the search.
  • -signature <search_signature>
  • The signature of the search.
  • -root {HKCR|HKCU|HKLM|HKU}
  • The root of the registry entry.
  • <registry_key>
  • The registry key to be looked up.
  • [-name <registry_value_name>]
  • The registry value name. If this value is null, then the value from the key's unnamed or default value is retrieved if exists.
  • [-type {LocatorTypeDirectory|LocatorTypeFileName|LocatorTypeRawValue}]
  • A value that determines if the registry value is a file name, a directory location or raw registry value.
  • [-64bit]
  • Specify whether you want to search the 64 bit section of the registry.

Example: /edit MyProject.aip
    /AddRegLocator REG_SEARCH_RESULT -signature reg_search
    -root HKLM -key Software\MyKey\