Edit Auto-Close Application Dialog

Specify the attributes of the application that you want to close. It corresponds with the "AutoCloseApplication" key from the Updates Configuration File.

Edit Auto-Close Application Dialog

Main Executable Path

The path of the application to be closed. This string can contain the [APPDIR] value - the path where the application is installed. It can also contain any environment variables, surrounded in with the "%" character.

Using this path the Advanced Installer Updater tries to detect the main window of the application. In order for the application to be successfully closed, this window must not be a dialog and it must have a system menu and a title. The application will be closed with a WM_CLOSE message sent to this window.

If this method fails, additionally you can specify the title for the application's main window. In this case, the updater searches for this window and sends the WM_CLOSE message to it.

Windows Title Prefix

The name of the top-level window of the application that must be closed. It must have a frame (WS_CAPTION style set).

NoteWhen searching for the window, the updater compares the string you specified with a substring from the window title, starting with the first character and having the same length as the specified string.

Disable Auto Restart

Check this box if you do not want the application to be restarted automatically.

Restart Always

The application configured will be restarted no matter what if was running before installing updates or not.

Command Line

The parameters in this field will be used to start the application after the update is installed.