Import App-V 4.x Package

Command Syntax

/ImportAppV4x <file_path>
              -res_folder <res_folder_path>

This command allows you to import an existing App-V 4.x package (SPRJ) into an Advanced Installer project.


  • <file_path>
  • The path that points to the App-V 4.x package file (SPRJ).
  • -res_folder <res_folder_path>
  • The path to a folder on your development machine where to store the imported resources.
  • [-update_to_5x]
  • Optional parameter that will convert the imported package to App-V 5.x format.

Example: /edit MyProject.aip
        /ImportAppV4x C:\MyAppV4Package.sprj -res_folder "C:\MyAppV4ResourceFolder"