Import Visual Studio Solution

Command Syntax

/ImportVs <file_path>
          -configuration <configuration>
          [-target_folder <target_folder_path>]

This command allows you to import a Visual Studio Solution in Advanced Installer. Only projects created with Visual Studio 2003 or later, are supported.

Caution!A Visual Studio installation, capable of opening the solution is required to be present on the build machine, otherwise the solution can not be imported.

TipIt is necessary to build the solution before importing as Advanced Installer will not build it during the import procedure.


  • <file_path>
  • The path that points to the Visual Studio solution.
  • -configuration <configuration>
  • The type of solution. Common configurations are Release and Debug. Any custom configuration type is also supported.
  • [-target_folder <target_folder_path>]
  • An optional parameter that points at the folder from the Advanced Installer Project where the solution will be imported.
  • [-import_refs]
  • An optional parameter specifying if the reference files will be imported.

Example: /edit MyProject.aip
        /ImportVs MyVSProject\Solution.sln -configuration Debug -target_Folder APPDIR\VS_Solution -import_refs

In this example, the Debug built solution will be added in the newly created VS_Solution folder found in the Application Folder.